The WaveClock technology began in Pleasure Point Santa Cruz as a hobby project on the inventor’s (Craig Jones) living room table. The inspiration came from Craig’s work designing and building wave measurement buoys to help increase the overall fidelity of ocean wave measurements (click here to go to NOAA website). While looking at an old nautical weather station the thought came to link a nautical weather station to waves! Craig quickly began work with all the parts he could find to build the initial WaveClock in an old wood wine box with some hobbyist servos and a micro controller.

After learning the ins and outs of motors, controllers, and WIFI, Craig enlisted the help of friends at Pleasure Point Design and elsewhere to build the beautiful clock you now see on display at the East Side Eatery in Pleasure Point, Santa Cruz. This led to further living room table testing adventures until a solid design was settled on for the desktop clocks you can buy now.

The present day WaveClock uses an Electric Imp to connect to the internet and ultimately link to your App. The Electric Imp’s BlinkUp process is used in order to connect to Wifi, download software, and register with Electric Imp’s server. This uniquely links your WaveClock and your App. The flowchart below generally shows how all this links up and where your information comes from. The WaveClock then downloads the information from the appropriate NOAA websites and displays them on the hardware!