Allowing us to view the ocean in an intuitive instant is the WaveClock! The WaveClock is your gateway to the ocean designed to let you see critical ocean information at your favorite spots along the coast at a glance.

The WaveClock offers:

  • Wave height and period in feet
  • Tide height in feet and rising or falling trend
  • Real-time updates for your favorite coastal locations throughout the USA
  • Intuitive easy to read analog interface

The WaveClock queries real-time oceanographic databases to find the wave and tide information at locations your interest. The information is displayed in an intuitive analog interface. The WaveClock hardware and app gives you an accurate view of just what’s happening out there. Just set it up to see what’s happening when it matters – NOW!


The new TideClock from the WaveClock provides you a real-time view of the changing tides. See in an instant the flood and ebb of the tide to inform your next outing to the beach, surf session, fishing trip, or other ocean adventure. Without pulling out a computer, phone, or other device, you’ll always know the tide on an intuitive custom display.

Set the TideClock to your location and its ready to go. It will show you the high and low tides and the number of hours to the next high or low tide. Works on the timing of the diurnal tides and requires no plug or internet to keep you in the know.


The WaveClock App

We have released a WaveClock App for iPhone, iPad, and Android Devices for download on the Google Play and iTunes stores. The App gives the full functionality of a WaveClock that can be displayed for up to date wave information. The App can dial into any NOAA wave and tide measurement worldwide so you can see what’s happening now.

The WaveClock Hardware

Personal sized WaveClocks and TideClocks are available in a variety of styles including sustainably reclaimed hardwoods and custom faces from WetFeet Photography. Custom large format WaveClocks available by special order. Find the perfect WaveClock to give you the important information where you can see it in an instant!


“I wanted to let you know how much I love my WaveClock! It is so handy having updated info staring me in the face every time I get home; I can attribute it to 2 great sessions since last weekend that I would have missed out on otherwise, yay! It is such a beautiful piece of art as well, keep up the quality work”


“It is working wonderfully; my husband loves it. … functional and decorative.”


“These are sweet. I just picked up one and the build quality is very nice. I have it in my office now. Love it.”


“Outstanding gift!!! Not only is it functional but looks excellent in my husband’s office.”


“I contacted Craig about an issue I encountered and he was quick to respond and pleasant to work with. In addition, the Wave Clock is wonderful! Easy to set up and a great addition to our home.”


“Bought for my husband’s Christmas gift. He loves it!”


“Bought this for my surfer husband who Already has everything surf related. He had never seen this clock before. This was easily his favorite gift! The clock is lightweight and easy to use. The craftsmanship feels well built. Service was quick and it arrived on time.”


“The Wave Clock is awesome. Perfect for that Luddite in your life who doesn’t want to look at the computer, yet wants up to date wave conditions via a device that looks great sitting out just about anywhere in the house. Craig is great too — top notch service.”