Monterey TideClock



The Tide is Right in Monterey Bay!

Want to experience the ocean in your own space? The new Monterey Bay TideClock from the WaveClock provides you a real-time view of the changing tides on a beautiful inset map of Monterey Bay. See in an instant the flood and ebb of the tide to inform your next outing to the beach, surf session, fishing trip, or other ocean adventure!

The Tide Clock from the team at WaveClock is custom made in Pleasure Point, Santa Cruz from sustainably farmed Birch wood. Pleasure Point is called out right on the map. The TideClock is a 7 inch diameter face that clearly shows the tide phases. The TideClock ships with a stand for desktop display and a hanger for wall hanging. One ‘AA’ battery is included for power.  The TideClock comes to you ready to go!



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