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The Waveclock is your own ocean Gateway!

Queries real-time oceanographic databases to find wave and tide information

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IOS and Android Apps

Full functionality of a Waveclock and beautiful graphics
that can be displayed on your desk or bedside

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Allowing us to view the ocean in an intuitive instant is the Waveclock! The Waveclock is your gateway to the ocean designed to let you see critical ocean information at your favorite spots along the coast at a glance.

The Waveclock offers:

  • Wave heights and period
  • Tide heights and trend
  • Constant updates for your favorite locations throughout the USA
  • Intuitive analog interface

The Waveclock queries real-time oceanographic databases to find the wave and tide information at locations your interest. The information is displayed in an intuitive analog interface. The Waveclock hardware and app gives you an accurate view of just what’s happening out there. Just set it up to see what’s happening when it matters – NOW!

Viewing The Ocean As Never Before

What Is The Wave Clock?

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The Waveclock App

We have released a Waveclock App for iPhone, iPad, and Android Devices for download on the Google Play and iTunes stores. The App gives the full functionality of a Waveclock with beautiful graphics that can be displayed on your desk or bedside for up to date wave information. The App can dial into any NOAA wave and tide measurement worldwide so you can see what’s happening now.

The Waveclock Hardware

Personal sized (approximately 14 in x 4 in face) Waveclocks are available in a variety of styles with custom large format Waveclocks available by special order. Let the Waveclock give you the important information where you can see it in an instant!

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Reads local coastal wave bouys
to give you real-time wave
height and tide information

Queries Real-Time
Oceanographic Databases

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